Famous People Poems

written by unfamous people

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I actually paid to download The Shield
It’s not an impulse to which I normally yield
It was pretty good, for a cop show, I guess
I liked how you were a complete total mess

This isn’t a recap of your most famous show
(Don’t mention The Commish, it’s okay, I know)
I mean, I think you won Emmys, but I don’t know how many
Probably more than one, maybe less than twenty

You’re one of those short guys who’s a little too ripped
And you seem like you’d constantly be rewriting the script
“This line doesn’t work with my motivation”
“This scene doesn’t adequately express my frustration.”

So basically, I’m saying, you seem like a prick
But maybe it’s just that your acting’s so slick
I can’t tell the difference between you and some guy
Who shot an undercover cop in the eye*.

*or someplace else, it’s been a while since I saw the show.